Checklist – Seicliosta


10-4pm Mon-Wed (6th – 8th) of April 2020. 

⭐What do I need? – active gear – note for centra (Supervised Trip) – permission slip signed. (Available on The Day)  

⭐️Aims of our camp. – to give opportunities to engage in the speaking of Irish and to nurture a positive attitude towards the language through💥Games 💥Art 💥Conversation 💥Dancing 💥Singing. 

Visit for information, testimonials and pictures. 

Le meas buan, 


2 thoughts on “Checklist – Seicliosta

  1. Joe
    b’fhéidir go bhfuil mé dall ach cad iad na dátaí? Ni feicim iad!!
    Ps Ta suim ag Orla agus Ruairi dul ann


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